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Yorkshire Terriers





Yorkies look like a sassy hunting terrier crossed with a teddy bear, and that’s essentially what they are. As a companion, they’re extremely devoted and have a tendency to play favorites. A Yorkie can be one of the gentlest, most affectionate dog an owner can have if a Yorkie takes a shine to a kind but firm leader. Yorkies are content to do most of their playing indoors, but they need a good amount of exercise and obedience training to keep them from getting into mischief. They’re smart and adorable, like a Kindergartener-- but they can also test boundaries and make messes, like a kindergartener.

Yorkies are a great apartment dog. They’re small and get a lot of emotional satisfaction out of being a lap dog. However, Yorkshire Terriers can be guilty of acting out for negative attention when not given enough attention. Establish complicated, rewarding games like fetch or variations on hide-and-seek to make obedience fun for you and your Yorkie. Yorkies can do well with gentle children, but are generally wary of strangers. This little English dog breed originated to help keep mines and homes free of rats, therefore proper introductions are important. A Yorkie can get yappy with other dogs if they feel their personal space has been invaded and won’t hesitate to chase another dog away.

It’s easy to maintain a Yorkie’s coat and helps the dog stay healthy and happy. It’s important to brush a Yorkie’s coat and keep their eyes free of irritants. Keeping a Yorkie’s coat short and brushed is enough to ensure they always feel as dignified and sassy as they should.