Which Dog is Right For You?

Dogs are truly incredible animals. They enrich our lives with loyal companionship, a plethora of health benefits, and unconditional love. I can undoubtedly say that owning a dog has benefited my life in every way possible. A life without Lola’s adorable and fluffy face waking me up every morning or astounding excitement and happiness greeting me at the door each evening is unimaginable. It’s safe to assume that most of us would vote our dog as our favorite family member. They never yell at you to do chores, annoy you to clean your room, or beg to borrow the car. Owning a dog is an invaluable experience but selecting the right dog for you can be difficult and overwhelming. 


Dogs come in all different shapes, sizes, and breeds. With all of these options available, it’s only normal to feel unsure and conflicted when selecting your new pup. A potential owner’s location, personality, and occupation play essential roles in the dog-selection process. Your dog’s needs should supersede your own, which is why finding out which dog best fits you and your lifestyle is key. So, which dog is right for you? Read this article to see which dog is the best match for you. 



 Active Breeds

Your dog’s health is crucial for proper growth and development. Exercise and play is a great way for your pup to stay healthy. But, some breeds require more exercise than others, potentially making it difficult to keep up with their active lifestyles. If you enjoy exercising daily and keeping active, then this list of dogs will be a great match for you:




•Irish Setter

•Australian Shepherd

•Boston Terrier

•Border Collie



Low-maintenance Breeds

Owning a dog means fulfilling the duties that being a dog owner entails. Walking, grooming, playing with, and maintaining your dog are only a few of the responsibilities that are expected to be upheld. On the contrary, for those seeking a low-maintenance companion, then this list of pups is right for you. 





•Japanese Chin




Cat-friendly Breeds

Even though a dog may not be too optimistic about having a feline counterpart, some dog breeds are more likely to befriend the family cat than others. Dogs and cats as friends is a rare yet special (…and adorable) bond that owners seldom come across. So, you should stick to these dog breeds if you’re already a cat owner and to guarantee peace and minimal rivalries among your pets:


•German Shepard 


•Cocker Spaniel


•Basset Hound

•Labrador Retreiver


(Vetstreet, Purina)


Apartment Breeds

If you’re like me, you live in a less than ideal apartment in a bustling and thriving city. Even though our lives are chaotic and busy, we still crave the love and affection of a dog. If you live in tight or small quarters, it is very important to take into account your dog’s energy level, size, and maintenance level. Some breeds thrive better than others in apartment-style spaces. Finding a dog that meets this requirement is essential, so here’s the list of top apartment dogs:

•Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

•Coton de Tulear

•French Bulldog


•Yorkshire Terrier

•Boston Terrier

(Dogtime, Petguide)


Picking the right dog should come to you just as any other great thing does- naturally and from the heart. Choosing a dog is, more times than not, love at first sight. But, if you know that your lifestyle doesn’t coincide with the dog’s needs, then it’s probably best to seek other breeds for the pup’s sake- I mean, they’re basically another family member, right? Being a dog owner is not only awesome, but beneficial to your life. So, take care of your canine and love them just as much as they love you.


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