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Tips for walking your dog in New York City

Dense foot traffic, sidewalk liter, and a myriad of canine distractions can make walking your dog in New York City a hairy proposition. So, we’ve come up with a few tips to help a dog and its human run these streets.


Stay in Formation

When going on foot patrol, keep your lieutenant close to prevent him from eating trash off the mean streets. Of course, this doesn’t mean dragging some poor animal around the city by his neck. It may take time, but with patience and sound training methods, your pup will learn to walk nicely alongside you. You might also consider a front clip anti-pull harness to help during the training period.


Scoop the Poop

Remember to carry bags for your dog’s waste with you on every walk. You might consider investing in a poop bag carrier that attaches to your pup’s leash, so that it never slips your mind. Leaving dog poop out in the street where it can be stepped in – or serve as a vector for disease – is not only extremely rude to your fellow city dwellers, but also subject to some pretty steep fines in New York.


Bring the Goodies

Particularly if you’re still in training, remember to bring treats along for the walk, so that you can seize any teachable moments. If the dog is having trouble walking nicely on a leash, you can also try carrying a treat in your off-hand as a lure to keep the dog’s attention forward. Additionally, remember to bring extra water and a bowl if it’s hot out.


If you’re unable to walk your dog consistently, it’s a good idea to find a reliable dog walker, so your squirrel chaser gets all the fresh air and exercise she needs. Swifto is a New York City dog walking agency, offering individual walks that can be monitored through a real-time tracking application. This allows clients to be certain their pup is enjoying the walk they wanted for her.