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Rottweiler AKA “Rottweil Metzgerhund” or “Butchers Dog”

Rottweilers are one of many breeds with an undeserved bad reputations. Instead of pulling a small child to the other side of the street when you see a Rottweiler coming, approach this breed gently and become amazed as a giant teddy bear appears before your eyes. You may never guess it, but when Rottweilers are properly socialized they get along with any type of animal, even cats. Rottweilers do well with children who play gently and quickly accept any regular character in their life as a member of their family.


Rottweilers originated in Germany as carting dogs. Essentially, they did the work of a horse and provided the affection of a pet. Rottweilers do have a lot of energy and can get excited. It’s important to be physically fit and love going out with your dog if you own a Rottweiler-- the endurance gained from centuries of carting ancestors means they’re very hard to tire out. Don’t get your Rottweiler too excited-- if they decide they’re too tired and need a nap you’re going to have to drag 130 pounds of dog back home.


This breed needs an owner who is strong minded, calm, but firm and able to handle their massive size. Because of their strength, firm training must begin while these dogs are puppies. A Rottweiler puppy may be adorable when they jump up on strangers, but a whopping wall of dog jumping up on people later on in life may not be tolerated well by the neighbors.


Rottweilers can do well in apartments, but crate training is recommended to instill a sense that your Rottweiler has a cozy home that they control. Any stories of aggressive or poorly behaved Rottweilers are simply dogs who’ve had their confidence shaken and trust broken by overly aggressive trainers. This dog does love to defend its family, has amazing endurance, and has a keen instinct about who to trust and who not to trust but bullying a dog will not yield a good guard dog. Simply rewarding your dog for good behavior and building a healthy relationship will kick your Rottweiler’s protective nature into high gear if anything unpleasant should arise on the home front.


This breed is an average shedder, occasional brushes and baths will suffice. However, it’s important to note that cutesy accessories and bows in a Rottweiler’s hair is a recipe for one of the most endearing juxtapositions on earth.