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AKA “Dwarf Spitz” and “Pom Pom”



Pomeranians have been voted both man and purse’s best friend by some owners. While this dog is a companion dog, and would never say no to some time close to their owners, Pomeranians love be be trained to do tricks and perform. Daily training sessions can yield Pomeranians who can roll over, play dead, and even do a flip. These dogs have a rich history of being circus performers, when they weren’t hanging out with royalty.
Pomeranians are small, have wedge heads, and sharp muzzles. Some may even say they look like a cross between a tiny fox and a pom pom. Even though it’s tempting to think the name Pomeranian stuck just so people could call these dogs pom poms; they’re actually named after the region of central Europe they originated in. They’re only 3-7 pounds, but they can have a large bark if not discouraged from excessive barking early on in their lives. Obedience training is important, as this posh little breed can get to thinking they rule your kingdom instead of you. 
Pomeranians are picky eaters, but it’s not just part of the whole royalty schtick. These dogs can be prone to food allergies and may also develop gum issues. Pay attention to what doesn’t jive with your Pomeranian and consult a veterinarian if your dog often vomits or gets preoccupied itching themselves. The Pomeranian is a constant shedder and should be brushed once a day. Their undercoats shed once or twice a year. Their coats fall easily back into place after being brushed.