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Manhattan Dog Walking Tips For a Busy Owner

Manhattan Dog Walking Tips For a Busy Owner


Here at Swifto we feel that everyone deserves to own a dog, even the busiest people out there. Obviously, using Swifto Dog Walkers is a great way to make sure your dog gets all the attention they need and you get to make all your appointments. Dog walks can be scheduled for any time via an owner’s dashboard, and our walkers only walk one client’s dog at a time, so keep Swifto in mind whenever you need some help.

Some other great tips for the incredibly busy dog walker are:

1. Buy your dog’s food and toys online. This allows you to sneak in some TV or conference call time while you click to purchase, and delivery saves your muscles the pain of trekking  cans of food home.

2. Multi-task smartly: Brushing your dog relaxes you, makes your dog feel loved, and  keeps your house slightly cleaner. Get on the floor and spend some quality time with your dog during a hands-free phone call or while you’re catching up on your favorite shows.

3. Take your dog to work: Many companies are adopting pet-friendly policies. Reach out to your head of HR and see if your dog is welcome in your office.

4. Train your dog well: Training a puppy not to destroy furniture and generally reveling in messes they’ve created will save you lots of cleaning time.

5. Switch to a dog walking company based on the internet: You can schedule your walks, pay your dog-walking bills, and customize your walk entirely online 24 hours a day with web-based companies. Now you can avoid playing voicemail tag or running checks to dog walkers all around town.

Dogs are widely known as the ideal pet for owners with loads and loads of time on their hands. However, even the busiest clients can trust Swifto to keep their pups exercised and happy. Our walkers are also well-loved for their training tips and texts to let dog owners know exactly how their dog is doing.