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English Bulldog




English Bulldogs (also known as British Bulldogs) are one of the world’s oldest breeds. They’ve walked the path from bully to baby doll but they’re still as wrinkly as an old sea captain. Bulldogs aren’t called bulldogs because they’re squat with a wide head-- they used to be bred for the sole purpose of entertaining (some pretty mean) people by fighting bulls and possibly bears. They’re 40-50 pounds of squat muscle, but these days (thanks to some dedicated British breeders) Bulldogs just want to have fun with their owners. They’re the world’s toughest lap dog.


Even though your Bulldog is bound to be sturdy and on the roly poly side (this is one of the breeds where an ill-defined waistline doesn’t necessarily mean obesity) it’s important to watch their weight. Bulldogs generally love attention from people and are especially good around children and strangers if socialized well early on in life. English Bulldogs can tend to be a little bullheaded, so obedience sessions should be kept up even with older dogs. Don’t yell at or force submission on a Bulldog, the backlash for tough training is turning a sweetie back into a toughie.


English Bulldogs shed lightly and are easy to groom. Brush once a week or as needed. It should be noted that these dogs have sensitive skin and can sunburn very easily. English Bulldogs can also develop health problems if they’re overweight.