Is Your Dog Walker Doing a Good Job?

Sometimes it’s obvious when your dog loves their walker, an owner will get the pleasure of seeing them together and having a grand time. Other times it’s hard to say if your dog walker is doing a great job. Here’s a checklist to help decide whether your dog walker is living up to their full potential:


         •       Is your dog relaxed, possibly laying on the ground, when you first get home yet alert and perky after you’ve settled in? This shows that your walker has allowed your dog to burn off energy but hasn’t been over-exerting them.

         •       Is your dog’s water bowl clean and reasonably full? Is the snack you may leave your dog gone?

         •       Does your dog walker leave notes or send a text or email to let you know how the walk went?

         •       Does your dog walker match the activity level you want your dog to expect? If your walker runs with your dog, they may expect you to run with them, which may not always be appreciated. The same goes for if your dog walker goes at a pace you think is too slow.

         •       Do you check your dog’s paws to make sure they’re clean and unhurt? Dirty paws mean a walker isn’t attentive to your pet. Scraped paw pads mean a dog has been dragged to maintain a pace your walker likes, but that your dog may not be able to keep up with.

         •       Does your walker tell you if something unpleasant happened? Bad things happen to even the best dogs and dog walkers. If your dog got scuffed up in a fight, or if something in your house got broken, your walker needs to tell you. If you’ve ever been surprised by the state of your dog or house after a walk, that walker is not doing a good job.

         •       Is your dog walker insured and bonded? This will prevent any financial burden being placed on you if something happens to your dog or belongings.


We here at Swifto are experts at making dogs and owners happy. That’s why our app has a messaging feature to make it easier for our walkers to give you a recap about your dog’s latest adventure, a feature that allows owners the chance to tell us every special detail about their dog, and shows owners the distance their dog walked. These features allow owners to customize their walks and to keep giving their walkers feedback about their dog’s needs. On top of all this, Swifto is insured and bonded. We’re proof that a safe and specialized walk can be easy and fun for everyone.