Why do dogs need to socialize

Why do dogs need to socialize


Socializing your dog is important because it will help you and your dog be more relaxed inside and outside your home. One of the most basic reasons to socialize your dog is so your dog realizes they are a dog. Dogs are pack animals, and if their owner doesn’t watch out, their dog may become convinced they’re a human. You will find it easier to command and train your dog the more exposure they’ve had to other dogs.

An unsocialized dog will obsessively guard their house. This will lead to excessive barking when dogs, or even people, pass by the house. An poorly socialized dog may also feel threatened when guests enter their home and may growl or become overly excited around their owner’s guests.

Poorly socialized dogs will not get along with children. They may regard a child as strong competition for attention and resources. Unsocialized dogs may also treat small children as if the small human is another dog. Your dog may start to growl, or even snap at, a child.

A trip to the veterinarian’s office is a huge hassle with an unsocialized dog. They will already feel threatened, since they’re in a strange place. Your dog will be especially overwhelmed if there happen to be a lot of other dogs in the veterinarian’s office that day. You may become embarrassed by your dog’s aggression towards other animals or even the veterinarian.

Lastly, your dog will be more fun to observe and interact with. You’ll be able to relax when your dog is around other dogs in a park, enjoy the adorable new friends they make, and deal with a minimum amount of bad behavior when you leave the house.