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"The Little Long Ones"


Dachshunds were originally bred to pursue small game into their burrows and bring them back to huntsmen and sporting German aristocrats. They have many characteristics of English Terrier breeds, but don’t tell your Dachshund they remind you of other dogs-- this breed is especially prone to believing they’re people. They love to travel, are very vocal, and always seem to realize when their owners are talking about them. Even though Dachshunds are a small breed with short legs, they may develop the habit of charging ahead of their owners on walks. Their powerful chests and legs make them pro leash pullers. Simply discouraging this behavior early on in life should keep pulling tendencies under control.
Dachshunds come in three varieties; Standard, Miniature, and Toy. They also have many varieties and coat textures. There’s enough variety in Dachshunds that they can hook lovers of larger dogs and lovers of small dogs as well as dog owners who go for a long, silky Farrah Fawcett type coat or the scruffy coat of wire haired dog. Their life expectancy is around 12 years.
This little dog needs an owner who understands how to be his pack leader or he will take over the house and try and tell the owner what to do. If the dog is allowed to take over, many behavior problems will arise, such as, but not limited to, resource guarding, separation anxiety, snapping, biting, and obsessive barking. They may become unpredictable with children and adults they do not know without proper socialization. Dachshunds don’t know they’re dogs and not people, and they certainly don’t realize they’re a small dog. This scrappy breed should be introduced to other scrappy small dogs (like Yorkshire Terriers) when they’re young and move up to bigger dogs later. 
Dachshunds are average shedders. Wire coat Dachshunds may necessitate a strong, wire brush but the breed is generally fine without constant brushing. Your Dachshund will enjoy feeling pampered and pretty, though.