Why does Swifto hire only college educated walkers?

Trusting someone else with your dog can be a new and daunting fear to triumph. When the time to place your trust in someone else’s hands comes about, it’s important to feel safe and comfortable. You want your dog to receive the best possible care while remaining safe and happy. Lucky for you, Swifto gets that. Swifto is a dog walking company that prides itself on high quality and professional care. We take recruiting and training quite seriously, as the safety of your dog remains our top priority. In order to guarantee our best care possible, we must seek out the most qualified people for the job, which is why we hire only 1% of applicants. We hire walkers that are educated, experienced, highly motivated, responsible, caring, and most importantly, have extensive professional experience with dogs. The Swifto recruitment process is multifaceted and taken seriously. 


Swifto hires only college educated walkers that are either in college, have graduated or have taken some college courses, for the previous reasons mentioned. Creative fields and majors, such as animal behavior, music, art, health, etc., provide the necessary steps our walkers need in order to succeed. Swifto also recruits individuals who are college educated in order to ensure they have comprehensive knowledge regarding dogs, time management, organization, dedication, and reliability. We also want you, the owner, to feel as though your dog is receiving the best possible care by highly trained and motivated walkers. Often times, students in college focus solely on getting internships, training, and gaining real-life experience in their respective fields. This makes it so they’re qualified and capable of working immediately after graduating. This acquisition of real-world skills and practice is crucial and something that employers want to see. Swifto seeks out well-rounded individuals and those who have proper experience in order to guarantee an invaluable dog walking experience. 


If you have a college education and seeking employment as a dog walker, be conscious of the certain qualities/ skills we look for. Some skills it takes to be a great dog walker include, being extremely caring, outgoing, responsible, passionate, punctual, professional, and creative. Swifto sets rigid and high standards for its employees so it’s important to be versatile and knowledgable.   At Swifto, we understand how passionate people are about dogs so we must ensure that our dog walkers are the best of the best. Swifto’s two-step interview process and background checks eliminate any under-qualified candidates and confirms that only the most capable are hired.