Temporary suspension of walks

Due to the outbreak we have decided to suspend service at least until Sunday April 5th. We will all be on standby carefully watching the news waiting for this to be contained and get back to walking your best friends! Stay safe everyone and wash your paws!

What if my dog is afraid of vehicles/ traffic?

It's pretty common for your dog to be fearful of passing cars, traffic, or loud sounds outside. If you notice anxious behavior from your dog in one of those scenarios, don't fret! Using positive reinforcement and gradual immersion techniques will definitely help your pup overcome his fears. Start by opening the windows in your house, allowing you dog to get comfortable with the sounds of traffic. Then, move toward bringing him on walks around the block, near traffic and zipping cars. This will slowly give him the exposure he needs to improve even more. Eventually, and with lots of rewards and love, your dog will feel more relaxed and calm. Patience and persistence is key! 


Our Swifto walkers understand that certain dogs are more fearful of vehicles than others. Our walkers cater to each pup's needs and modify each walk accordingly. We work with each dog to help them feel more relaxed and less anxious in the outdoors. 


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