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Do Dogs Get Depressed?


Even though when most people hear the word “dog” they think of a happy, furry, playmate; depression in dogs has been an accepted veterinary fact since around 2002. All owners have noticed that their dog’s level of energy drops as they transition from puppy to full fledged dog, but a sharp decline in a dog’s energy is one sign of depression in a dog. Other signs of dog depression are a decline in appetite and increasing...
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How To Tell When Your Dog Needs a Walk

Reading Your Dog's Needs



dog holding leash
Humans take words for granted. If any of us need to take a break at the office or at home we can simply say, “I need to stretch my legs for a few minutes.” Unfortunately, dogs don’t have the same luxury. Here are a few tips to help you know when your dog needs to be walked:
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A Guide to Dog Emotions



Understanding Your Dog 

Since dogs can’t speak, the only way humans can gauge their emotions is by looking at their body language. It’s important to remember that dog body language doesn’t directly correlate to human body language. Swifto has provided a guide to dog emotions sorted by body part.



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Dog Guide To NYC


The Dog Walker's Guide to Manhattan


Even a short walk in New York can lead to some unforgettable memories and premium people watching. However, sometimes our dogs can get overwhelmed with the city. Not only that, but if dog owners get overwhelmed by all the rules New York has pertaining to dogs, a walk can turn into a confusing hassle....

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"Bad Dog" Behaviors

5 Typical Bad Dog Behaviors



Your dog is funny, special, and the apple of your eye but you don’t have to love all your dog’s undesirable quirks. Whether you’ve adopted a dog, or your dog has developed some bad habits, understanding why negative behavior has arisen is the first step towards correcting it. Swifto has rounded up some sure fire training tips...
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Why do dogs need to socialize

Why do dogs need to socialize


Socializing your dog is important because it will help you and your dog be more relaxed inside and outside your home. One of the most basic reasons to socialize your dog is so your dog realizes they are a dog. Dogs are pack animals, and if their owner doesn’t watch out, their dog may become convinced they’re a human. You will find it easier to command and...

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Dog Training

How to train your dog


Obedience training is important for the emotional well-being of yourself and your dog. When you and your dog effectively communicate, your pet is less confused about their role in your family (their pack) and can healthily participate in family activities. Here are some basic obedience dog training tips:

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What to do if your Puppy is Overweight

Overweight Puppy


You may notice that your new dog still has a pudgy belly, but it can’t be baby fat. You may see other parents at puppy play dates call your dog “the big guy” or “roly poly.” Swifto knows that a little pudge on a puppy is adorable, but a life of obesity often leads to arthritis, diabetes, heart, or breathing problems. You can tell if your puppy is overweight by examining their musculature and giving them a few pets. An overweight dog...

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How much food and water should your dog consume a day?

Health Tips


There are some generally agreed upon guidelines on how much food and water a dog should get per day. These figures are based on recommendations provided by veterinarians and the American Kennel Club and are based on your dog’s weight. Paying attention to the amount of food and water your dog eats a day improves the quality of your care for your dog. If a dog owner notices their dog is...

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What to do if your child is afraid of dogs

Tips for helping your child overcome their fear of dogs


Even though dogs are man’s best friend, they can be strange and intimidating to many kids. Dogs are often larger than them, unpredictable, and very forward when curious. Here are ten basic tips about what to do if your child is afraid of dogs:

(1) Acknowledge that your child is afraid of dogs. Phrases...

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